About Us


Every product is made with care by a team of game development professionals, to ensure the max performance and visual, avoiding lag and high land impact.


We offer products from decoration items with sci-fi visuals to high tech breeding pets.


The original plants "fishing" game.
Players can earn money while they visit locations to extract seeds from Alienum clusters. Seeds that grow and gives ingredientes for special potions.
For landowners, a fun and nice way to increase traffic and attract more visitors (and potential customers).


The "out of this world" breedable. These small UFOs are the perfect companion for those who love space.


The elven teddy bears, a great breeding game whose pets are easy to maintain.

Sci-Fi Decoration

From holographic plants to futuristic building, we have a wide range of products to offer.

Much more is coming

We are always working in new products and game projects.

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