The magical bears

Ted'Mers are gacha bears that can be turned into breedables.

Like play gacha? Like breedable pets? So, come to discover the Ted'Mers, the magical elven bears. You can buy them in our gacha machines, and turn the favorite colors into breedable pets. And the best: the breedable pets will unlock more patterns!

Where to buy them?

Buy the gachas, and all other related stuff, in The Elven Starship main store.

The gacha machines are available only in our main store, but you can buy gachas from resellers too. Visit the store: The Elven Starship

The breedable bears will create new bears that comes in boxes. Those you can buy from breeders around.

Where to get more information?

Forum, in-world official group.

We have a Forum for the Ted'Mers, where you can exchange information with other players. Also a group, to join, just visit the main store and use the Join Group panel.

Check the Traits DB to see available traits and know which ones are considered traited.